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Elvira N.
Vienna, VA
Vivian is great and amazing. Her talent is off the charts and I love her as a person. She goes out of her way for her clients. Being a hairstylist myself, I totally appreciate Vivian's dedication to her clients and her work.
M. L.
Vienna, VA
I recently tried Aislinn Spa for a Lady Deep Clean spa pedi. The chairs are nice and clean with the standard massaging functions and trays and my nail tech was gentle and pleasant. I've gotten pedis elsewhere where the nail techs push my purse down and rush to get me seated, so it was nice to actually feel pampered for a change.

The spa aspect of the pedi included a scrub, masque, and massage. The scrub and massage were wonderful, but the masque was alarmingly tingly/hot! I was actually afraid I was having an allergic reaction and kept peeking under the hot towel wrap to make sure my skin looked normal. It's a couple days later and my legs are still nice and smooth and soft, and the intense mask seems to have fixed my perpetual snake skin legs problem. :)

I'm happy with the nail shape and polish job, though my tech used the emory board on my toes and hit skin a few times, ouch. The polish is holding up well and they carry a decent selection of colors. I had been hoping for Zoya, as Aislinn Spa is listed online as offering the brand in store, but I didn't see any 5-free selections to choose from this time.

NOTE: Tip is CASH ONLY! I saw the Visa/Mastercard sign on the door and figured I was ok, but they accept cards on the service amount only. There is a bank a few doors down in the same plaza if you forget.
Morgan S.
Richmond, VA
I love this place. Every time I go I get a great gel manicure with awesome service that last two plus weeks. Never a wait. I usually make my appointments online through their website. I've never encountered a rude employee here! Everyone is so nice and welcoming. Come here every two weeks. I think the prices are pretty standard.
Jenny Z.
College Park, MD
Clean place, friendly staff, and beautiful manicures! I came here with my roommate last minute because my usual place didn't have any availability and not only were they accommodating, they were very welcoming. We were able to sit next to each other and the gel manicures for both of us took about an hour. They definitely took a lot of care to perfect. Overall a great experience!
Stacy Y.
McLean, VA
Just got a gel mani and "lady deep clean" pedi. It's been awhile since I got my nails done so there was a lot to clean up. Tammy was great. Sometimes I go to nail salons wanting to relax/meditate without having to hold up a superficial conversation with the nail technician. Tammy seemed to pick up on my mood and allowed me to relax quietly while she performed her magic on my toes and hands.

Very pleased with the experience and results. Would definitely recommend!
Lulu T.
Falls Church, VA
Ladies.....and gentlemen, forget about all the other places. This is the place to be for a mani/pedi. Technicians are fantastic! I love the Deep Clean Spa pedicure. It gets everything! My feet are super smooth and soft after the treatment. Well worth the extra $ to get it done right!

I also love the nail designs by Nancy. She's extremely talented. Bring her a design to implement or ask her to get creative with your design. She won't disappoint.

Every time I have to go else where to get my nails done due to travel etc., I am disappointed and can't wait to come back here. This place is my baseline when I compare service and quality of other places.
M M.
Washington D.C., DC
Stumbled upon this place ok the way home from work. I stopped for a gel mani and regular pedi and to be in and out in an hour. The staff was incredibly kind, the place was clean, and the color selection is great. Not only did Kim get me in and out in and hour but her work was impeccable. Highly recommend this spot and seeing Kim when you are there!!
Landis S.
Bethesda, MD
This place is great. It's the only place where my gel nails really last the longest. I'm a nurse and wash my hands constantly and am more prone to chips, but the techs here make mine last. Tons of color options and very nice staff
Camey S.
Alexandria, VA
I wanted to get a gel manicure and got a groupon for this nail salon. I called to book my appointment and they were accommodating.

When I arrived, all I had to do was pick out my color and relax. Cindy was my nail technician and she did a wonderful job, she tried out 2 colors for me so I could choose, had a great eye for detail to get my nails just right and recommended an eyebrow wax, so I added that on too ($10), everything was quick but efficient and I left a happy client! I'd definitely recommend coming here for nail or wax services!

Tip: If you can pay cash, 5% discount ! & bring cash to tip your technician! (There's no space for that when you pay with card)
bigbigfish z.
Arlington, VA
Went again with a Groupon for spa gel mani. Jenny did an awesome job. Everything was good. Until next time Jenny~~~
Josselinne U.
Arlington, VA
This is the second time I have been here. I rarely go back twice to a nail place much less make an appointment for the third time. I'm in love with this place. My person is Jenny but they're all really good as I have observed. The first time I was here I came for a gel mani and it was perfect. It could have lasted 3 weeks but I broke my nail (should have taken a picture). Today I went for a normal manicure and Jenny did her magic as always. Coming back in a couple of days for a pedicure and I shall update. Overall in my opinion they're worth the money, come here to relax and enjoy the pampering!
Nicole M.
Pittsburgh, PA
I went to Aislinn Spa for a gel (shellac) manicure and a regular pedicure. I had been meaning to try this salon for a while and was pleased to have scooped up a Groupon for the manicure.

I went in without an appointment since I wasn't sure what my schedule looked like and was lucky that they could take me right away. I was shocked at how many technicians they had working! Aislinn claims it is the largest nail salon in the area and while I don't know if that's true or not, it is certainly the largest salon I've ever been to (largest referring to number of pedicure chairs and manicure stations, not square footage). The color selection for gel and regular polish is ample, but is your typical OPI with a handful of Essie colors. I didn't see any Butter, Deborah Lipmann, Zoya, etc. on the walls.

The girl who did my nails was Angel and she was very pleasant- friendly enough, but let me read my book while I got my toes done without interruption. I liked that they give you a 'menu' of pedicure services and offer you water when you sit down, so you can see what your options are and not take a shot in the dark when you select the "lavender" or "spa" option. Pricing is clear on the menu. The pedicure chair seemed to be good quality, but made a weird grinding sound when it got to the neck. Not the end of the world, but takes away from the relaxing environment.

Angel did a wonderful job of preparing and painting the nails on my both toes and hands (a real feat, considering my fingernails are super, super short), but did not linger on the extras like the callus remover (this is $8 extra), calf massage and palm massage. This doesn't really bother me, but I know some people go to the nail salon just for these extra services. Also, every technician will be different.

Checking out was easy and I got a 5% discount for paying in cash. On Aislinn's website, they advertise 10% off for new customers and I was planning to take advantage of that discount for my pedicure since the Groupon was for my nails only, but was told that I can't use any discount with the Groupon. Something to keep in mind. When I checked in on Yelp, an offer for a $30 gel manicure popped up, which is a pretty good deal for the area.

Cons: Sterilization equipment is hidden (I am assuming they use it...). Prices are a bit higher than average here.

All in all, I like Aislinn Spa a lot and will definitely return in the future.
Lucrecia S.
Bethesda, MD
This place is great. It's the only place where my gel nails really last the longest. I'm a nurse and wash my hands constantly and am more prone to chips, but the techs here make mine last. Tons of color options and very nice staff
Gloria Carolan Lee
So happy to have found Sandy again! Great place, and super warm staff. My new home!
Elizabeth Kaufman Pierson
Though Nancy is my favorite, I love everyone who works here. The atmosphere is very relaxing, everyone is kind and professional, and the service is unmatched. I am loyal to Jenny and I can't imagine going anywhere else.
Shante Lambert
My favorite place to get my mani's and pedi's - so clean!
Liz Unger
Marlene Diaz
Susan Leuschel Senkovich